Visiting Moose and home, Amherst MA
Frame 7725 Solar Eclipse livebooks .jpg
Frame 0059 Conn. River in Fog from Mt. Sugar Loaf Livebooks.jpg
Frame 8510 Mist Stream Lightened 2 on Dam Quabbin.jpg
0234Mist Sunrise Quabbin Livebooks.jpg
Frame 7812  SEVEN SISTERS SUNSET Livebooks.jpg
Framed 0640 Clouds and Poor Frm Swmp Livebooks.jpg
Frame 6424 Livebooks Instagram copy.jpg
Frame 6564 Moon rising above field of Corn and Holyoke Range, Northampton MA
Framed 2920 Clouds and Full Moon Livebooks use.jpg
Frame 8721 Sunrise from Mt. Sugar Loaf with Conn. River Livebooks.jpg
Frame C8A0360 Sun Through Mist Quabbin Dam Livebooks.jpg
Morning mist in valley, Amherst MA
Frame 5726 Hoyoke Range and Mist and Corn Field Northampton Livebooks.jpg
Frame Balanced Sun on Limb Livebooks.jpg
Frame 8595  Mt. Sugarloaf and Fog Livebooks.jpg
1226 Goose Landing Poor Farm Swamp Livebooks.jpg
Cloud  Over Holyoke Range, Amherst/Hadley MA
Frame 8727 View of Holyoke Range of Mountains from Mt. Sugar Loaf with Conn. River Livebooks.jpg
Moon over Seven Sister  Range, Amherst MA
Frame  010777  S.E. Street Mist Sunrise Livebooks.jpg
Frame Pot Hole and Blue Water Livebooks.jpg
Framed 0670  Clouds in Poor Farm Swamp Livebookds.jpg
Frame 6167 Shadows of leaves on rocks So. Hadley Livebooks.jpg
Frame 1108 Abandoned Apple Orchard and Clouds Livebooks.jpg
Frame 6803  Cloud at Sunset with Rays of Light Livebooks 2.jpg
Trees and Ground Fog, Amherst MA
Frame 6551 Organge Moon in Tree.jpg
5273 Mist at Sunrise Quabbin Livebooks.jpg
Framed Cloud over House Livebooks.jpg
Frame 8541 Mist Blowing off Mount Sugarloaf Livebookds.jpg
Frame 0913 Moose and Snow Livebooks.jpg
Frame 5614 use Horses in Mist Livebooks.jpg
Frame C8A0696 Sun Through Mist Livebookds.jpg
FRAME 6324 Connecticut River from Summit House Brighter.jpg
Framed 9962 Weeping Willow and Clouds Livebooks.jpg
Framed 3736 image of Roiling Clouds and Tree Livebooks.jpg
Frame 0554 Trees, Snow and Fog Turners Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame 6967 Bare Tree and Birds in Mist Livebooks use.jpg
Frame 7454 Birds in Tree with Sun.jpg
Frame Holyoke Range and Morning Mist Livebooks.jpg
Frame 2524 Hoyoke Range and Mist and Corn Field Hadley Livebooks.jpg
Frame 2340 Three Chairs and Clouds Livebooks.jpg
Frame Mist and Field from Connecticut River cropped Livebooks.jpg
Frame 6369 Cows in Field and Moon Livebooks.jpg
Frame 5614 use Horses in Mist Livebooks 2 Lighten and saturate shadow.jpg
Framed L_009095  Wizard of Oz Tree  Moody Bridge Road Split Livebooks.jpg
Frame 00784 Outcropping Rocks and Waters Livebooks.jpg
Frame 7114 Quabbin Sunrise Mist and clouds Livebooks.jpg
Fog off Quabbin Dam Sunrise Livebooks.jpg
Frame 9746 Apple Orchard at Night Livebooks.jpg
Frame 1858 Beaver in Swamp Livebooks.jpg
Frame 4205 Buffam Falls Pelham Livebooks.jpg
Framed 5254 Bear Den Falls.Livebooks.jpg
Frame 3780 Orange Fungus the Flume Livebooks.jpg
Framed 7856 Bird in Sphirical Shap Livebooks.jpg
Frame 6864 Cows laying in Fog with Sun Livebooks best.jpg
Frame 5100 Storm Clouds in Backyard Livebooks.jpg
Framed Ground Fog Amherst Field Livebooks.jpg
Frame 4940 Buffam Falls Whirlpoos and Ledge Morning Mist Buffam Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame Sunflowers Backlit Amherst.jpg
Framed 3846 Barn and Hay Bales Livebooks.jpg
Frame5174-Farm sunrise blowing mist Livebooks.jpg
Framed 5499 Cabbage Field and Sun in Fog Livebookds.jpg
Frame 0009835 Ice Stick Buffam Falls Color Livebooks.jpg
Frame 9801 Livebookds.jpg
4492 Sky Reflected in Ice Deerfield River Shelburne Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame 5489 Trees and Snow. Livebooks.jpg
Framed 3688 Cloud and Sun Livebooks.jpg
Framed 9115 Wizard of Oz Tree Moody Bridge Road Livebooks.jpg
Framed 3433 Abandoned Orchard and Clouds Livebooks.jpg
Frame 5541 Holyoke Range Lighter Livebooks lighter copy.jpg
Framed 5557 Quarry Granby.Livebooks.jpg
Frame Whilpool and Stone Buffam Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame 4853 Storm Over Pelham Hills Livebooks.jpg
FRAME 6684 Fossil Dinosaur Tracks Nash Granby.jpg
Framed Apple Tree in Snow Livebooks.jpg
Frame 5686 Heron in Fog Poor Farm Swamp Livebooks.jpg
Framed Fog Heron in Fog Poor Farm Swamp Livebooks use.jpg
Frame 0867 Sunrise and Ground Mist S.E. Street Livebooks.jpg
Frame 009962.jpg
Framed L_011442 Abandoned Apple Tree Orchard Livebookds.jpg
Frame 9663 Ring Around Moon Livebooks.jpg
Framed 9612 Trees at Night Poor Farm Swamp Livebooks.jpg
Framed 5390 Mist on Connecticut River Livebooks.jpg
Frame 4200 Morning Mist Buffam Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame 8056 Rattle Snake Gutter Leverett Livebooks.jpg
Framed L_008951 Ice Poor Farm Swamp Livebooks.jpg
Frame 2358 Cows Hadley Livebooks.jpg
Frame 8054 Cow portrait Livebookds.jpg
Tree Slips and Snow Livebooks.jpg
Framed Birch Branch and Pine Livebooks.jpg
Frame 00427 The Flume Shutesbury Livebooks.jpg
Frame 8634 Frozen Ice Buffam Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame 009068 Buffam Falls Pelham Livebooks.jpg
Frame 9805 Ice Poor Farm Swamp Livebooks.jpg
Frame Apple Tree and Vines Livebooks.jpg
Frame Cloud and Face Turners Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame Two Apple Trees and Clouds Livebooks Best.jpg
Frame Coco de Mere Skinner Museum Livebooks.jpg
Frame 1589 Poor Farm Swamp Livebooks.jpg
Frame Frost on Window Orchard Livebooks.jpg
Framed 9575 Deerfield and Stars Livebooks.jpg
Frame Ice Sheriff's Meadow West Tisbury.jpg
Frame Luminous Ice Buffam Falls Livebooks.jpg
Framed 5480 Quarry Granby.Livebooks.jpg
Frame Pines and Birch Turners Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame 4993 Pot Holes Shelburne Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame Hop Brook Livebooks.jpg
Frame 00260 Ice Buffam Falls Livebooks.jpg
Frame L_011188 Abandoned Orchard and Fog Livebooks.jpg
Frame Shelburn Falls Flood livebooks.jpg

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