• Frame 6564 Moon rising above field of Corn and Holyoke Range, Northampton MA
  • Frame 2524 Hoyoke Range and Mist and Corn Field Hadley Livebooks.jpg
  • Frame 8510 Mist Stream Lightened 2 on Dam Quabbin.jpg
  • Frame 6967 Bare Tree and Birds in Mist Livebooks.jpg
  • Frame 6803  Cloud at Sunset with Rays of Light Livebooks 2.jpg
  • Frame 5726 Hoyoke Range and Mist and Corn Field Northampton Livebooks.jpg
  • Framed Cloud over House Livebooks.jpg
  • Trees and Ground Fog, Amherst MA

  • The majority of the photographs in my galleries are portraits of two very special places, the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts and the island of Martha’s Vineyard where I lived and photographed for more than thirteen years.
  • The Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts is now home as well as an "inland island" that circumscribes my photographic efforts and has inspired my photography for the past three decades. The Connecticut River Valley, which includes the Pioneer Valley, was shaped by the last ice age some 15,000 years ago and much of the area where I live was submerged under more than a hundred feet of ice melt for thousands of years by the waters of giant Lake Hitchcock. Like the Valley's Holyoke Range with it's unusual east-west orientation, I am fascinated by the area's primordial past. It stimulates my imagination and helps infuse much of my photography with a feeling of mystery and surprise.
  • My interest in landscape photography began with a moment of “awakening” that occurred over five decades in the past. As the sun was rising, I was witness to what was then referred to as Los Angeles’ “first historic snowfall” by the Los Angeles Times of that day. For myself, that first snowfall was a transforming experience as I looked out upon a landscape colored gold by the early sun's light and a world that was familiar just the day before and now, was beyond my understanding. Like waking within a fairy tale , Los Angeles was imbued with magic.

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