• These images of the Pioneer Valley reflect a personal vision of its primordial past and the elements at play over ridgelines of basalt, rivers, and woodlands. A source of inspiration for poets and visual artists for hundreds of years, it has been the subject of my photography for many decades.
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  • This part of Western Massachusetts has been home and the subject of my photography for the past three decades. My efforts reflect a connection to place and to eons of geological time that color my photography and filter my vision of the Valley landscape. For thousands of years, much of this area was submerged under the waters of the giant glacial Lake Hitchcock. Like the Valley's Holyoke Range with it's unusual east-west orientation, I am fascinated by the Valley's colorful past and the elemental forces that continue to make themselves visible through the changing weather and seasons. Dominated by the Connecticut, the largest river in the eastern portion of the United States, the Connecticut River Valley offers moments of surprise and mystery that continue to draw my photographic attention and inspire me on a daily basis.
  • My interest in landscape photography began with a moment of “awakening” that occurred over five decades in the past. As the sun was rising, I was witness to what was then referred to as Los Angeles’ “first historic snowfall” by the Los Angeles Times of that day. It was a transforming experience as I looked out upon a landscape colored by the golden light of the rising sun. Like waking within a fairy tale, the scene was imbued with magic that went beyond childlike understanding. That morning would inspire my life in photography, as I continue searching for moments of equal enchantment.

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