• HeMeredith Jones-Landscape Photographer

  • When I first saw Michael Zide's work, I was deeply affected by the silent power and depth of his images conveyed through the unusual unity of their composition, gesture, and tonal control. Hoping that I, an unknown, could learn and become a better photographer if he were willing to take me on as a student, I contacted him with little hope of a reply. To my pleasant surprise, he immediately responded, even though knowing nothing about me. Since then I joined one of his workshops and now meet with him one-on-one to critique my work, talk about possibilities for the future and about experimenting with new--new to me--techniques, and much, much more.

  • Michael Zide is astute. He sees deeply and critically. When he looks with me at one of my photographs, I am struck by his notice of small details that when altered ever so slightly make a better photograph--removing a tiny stick of wood, subtly altering light and tone etc. Michael praises when praise is due. And whether praising or suggesting improvements, he is warm and caring in trying to lead me to articulate my vision, what my work means to me, pushing me to see more deeply and to note what draws me into an image or to see where I have not succeeded.

  • Michael is a master teacher. I am privileged to be mentored by him and hope to continue this relationship well into the future.

  • While attending Hallmark Institute of Photography I had the opportunity to work directly with and learn from a variety of successful and inspirational photographers on a daily basis. One of my instructors, Michael Zide, took us for an end of the year field trip to hike along a peaceful river near Amherst.
  • I enjoyed his classes on fine art, emphasizing emotion and deeper meaning in our photography. He regularly prompted us to step back and remember that sometimes we can create images simply to make something beautiful for ourselves.
  • Michael specializes in black and white landscape photography with gorgeous tonality and his work has been published and featured in galleries and collections all over the world.
  • I am incredibly honored to have been able to get to know Michael and encourage you to take a look at his work.

  • The privilege of learning from Michael Zide was a blessing. He is a man of integrity and an honorable artist. I remember in moments of doubt and stress he always had the solution to my problems. The fact of having been his student at Hallmark Institute of Photography (2012) makes me feel fortunate.
  • His knowledge of black and white photography is exceptional. I have no doubt that as my instructor, he has had a great influence on my career as a photographer.

Michael Zide is available for: Assignments; Photographic Instruction; Portfolio Critiques; Speaking Engagements; Offering Limited and Open Edition Prints for Collectors and Commercial Use.

  • Tel. 413-256-0779 Email. Zide@comcast.net